In Memoriam (To My Late Husband)

Poem By Ganiu.K Talabi

Today will make it just two years
Still I can't hold back my tears
When I remember that fateful day
Which your life was taken away
Now I know death has no shame
It runs around playing a deadly game

I recall that day with bitterness
Humans can really be heartless
We went for an evening walk
After a busy day at work
And on our way back
Armed robbers came to attack

They shot you thrice in the head
Before you touched ground you were dead
Then they held me tightly
And raped me so fiercely
Right there I had a miscarriage
The second child of our marriage

I am now a widow at twenty eight
How I wish I had a better fate
In my heart you are alive
Memories of you I still revive
Our only son is my remaining pride
He has taken everything in his stride

Richard looks so much like you
He makes my everyday shine anew
For him I will do my best
To God I will leave the rest
So sleep sweetly in the Lords bosom
May his love for you always blossom.


Comments about In Memoriam (To My Late Husband)

Horrifying tragedy told in eloquent finesse, and beautifully embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm. An absolutely shocking story from inner recesses of the heart. It touched my heart. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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