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In Memorium (Port Arthur: April 28,1997)
JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)

In Memorium (Port Arthur: April 28,1997)

It is raw this memorium day.
Nerve ends scream quietly,
where a year ago a sick child's
mind made mayhem.

That child is in a different
playpen now, deprived of toys.
Cared for by severe nannies
he simply gathers space.

It is raw this memorium day,
as consoling words are said.
And with the setting of the sun,
nannies put the child to bed.

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Comments (2)

How could we ever forget the angelic face that turned so many victims and families lives into a nightmare. You are spot on about how his mind was/is sick and he should have been treated for his mental health problems well before it happened. Then, some mentally sick people come across as being well, so who knows if it could have been prevented. An insightful poem about a part of our history that has many ghosts of the past. Karin Anderson
This one had a huge impact and your poem chills. I love the way you have used the playpen analogy to help the reader understand the simple mind of the accused. This is raw verse, indeed. love, Allie xxxxx