WMP (October 1951 / London, UK)

In Memorium

I always believed in permanence
Happy days remembered
Childhood, slow and achingly

As my years progressed
Changes, so slow to be subtle
Gently remind us we are getting older
And as we age
We lose aspects of life.

I remember Dad, so muscular and handsome
Time drifted us slowly apart
At his end, a part of me died too
Fleetingly, as tears on your cheek.

My Mother I always thought invincible
Never complaining and always cheerful.
When my father died
She shrunk away each day by inches
Not wanting to wake to an empty bed
Or a cup of tea for one
Her suffering was not unoticed
And when she could face no more
Dying by inches
Became yards-------
When she died
My thoughts of mortality
Became fixed----permanent.

by willow moon pearce

Comments (2)

This is beautiful Willow. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. God bless, Michelle
This is a fine poem, one to which everyone who has lost a parent or parents can relate. My grandmother lost her mind on the day that she outlived her only son, my father. I watched her losing awareness of everything but especially herself. Overnight she was but a shell, a body without a mind, and my mother died inside on that day too, losing herself just as much as grandmother but in degrees over ten years rather than all at once. She has never been the same since, but at least she still has her children.