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In Memory
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In Memory

Poem By Francis Duggan

In memory i only can go back in time
And in memory i only can re-live my prime
But the now is what matter as the rational say
And the past just a memory of a bygone day

Such beautiful weather for the time of year
The flute of the magpie melodious and clear
The magpie lark in the park sings out pee wee
Nature in the now so enjoyable to me

Of the beauty around me a poet would write
A poem for others to read and enjoy and recite
No memory with the real thing could hope to compare
I only tell you of what you are aware

The future ahead and the past it has gone
And we live in the now and life it goes on
In the blue and sunny sky not one cloud of gray
How great to be living on such a nice day.

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