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In Memory I Hear It
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In Memory I Hear It

Poem By Francis Duggan

Flowing from high Claramore in view of Clara Hill
In memory i hear it the silver tongued rill
On towards the river babbling on it's way
It is never silent by night or by day

It's pure crystal waters that flows ever clear
I often did drink of going back many a year
Long before time that ages did become my foe
And going back the Seasons this seems long ago

The past may be gone but the good memories remain
And in fancy i often visit the old fields again
And from the Claraghatlea fields the rill has followed me
Today it is babbling in my memory

From the fields of the badger and waterways of the brown trout
The past lives in me it has followed me south
Good memories live on as the wise one does say
And doubtless will be with me until my life's final day

From high Claramore in view of Clara Hill
On through Claraghatlea in a voice never still
On towards the river flowing with a will
In fancy i can hear the silver tongued rill.

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