Pareidolia- A Way Of Perception

A depressed Guy
Was staring at sky,
Abruptly a form popped up
Assembled from
The lonely wandering clouds,
Appeared to him
Weeping inconsolably;
Suddenly, the warm joy welled up from within,
And the same clouds colluded to carve out,
A laughing form.

(Pareidolia is the phenomenon of finding familiar images in random scenes, like faces in clouds or religious icons in root vegetables)

Dr Hitesh C Sheth

by Dr Hitesh Sheth

Comments (11)

Yes, that is the pure God- realization. The God- fearing ones never find the eternal bliss, the Lovers do.
She put the glory in the glorious memory of the day she realized that her belief in God would bring her eternal life.
Fervent words about This Person's Own God! And love for Him, ever defined! :) Great work was geared to a worshipping awe and loving respect, for One's Own God, for sure! :)
Brilliant! Words are not enough to express the beauty of such sublime poetry
February heralds a change in weather that 'I longed to view that bliss divine'. Thanks. I quote: Was it the smile of early spring.... That made my bosom glow? / 'Twas sweet, but neither sun nor wind / Could raise my spirit so.
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