NG (November 5th 1972. / Some hospital I think...can't remember...was very young at the time.)

In Memory Of Brother Jake.

I have a tattoo
on my arm
to remind me of that
November we spent
drinking in the

We'd decided to just
up and leave
it all behind,
the woman,
the jobs,
the debts,
the problems
and head to a place
where we could die
in peace.

Surrounded by the wicked
and the damned
we made that little bar
our home.

We drank with the
midget's from the local Circus,
we fought with the Sailor's
who fell in on shore-leave,
we slept with the waitresses
who couldn't speak a word
of English
and they let us run wild
until the money ran out.

And the last thing we did
before we took that ferry
was to get
a permanant reminder
inked into our skin.

Something to say that
we always knew
that we could escape.

And on day's like this,
when I wonder if
there's anyway
I can carry on
putting one foot in front
of the other
I catch a glimpse
of my arm
in the bathroom mirror
and remember that
there is a place for me
in this World.

In a booth,
in the bottom of a glass,
with you

my brother.

I still miss you man.

In memory of Jake Powell 1967-1998.

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A fitting tribute and wonderful memory of good times with your brother, He would be proud of Neil. Those lines where you find a reason to keep putting the foot forward, is something we can all identify with at some time in our live. I would like to think, the later the better for all. I have felt it for four years now, but they keep telling me it does get easier. I am so sorry for your loss. Tai
This poem sent a chill up my spine.. I know how it feels to want for the one person that you can't touch. Once again Neil Good work. P.S. I dont think u are as tuff as u seem.. Joke...SMILE