In Memory Of Elvis Presely

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

“My students don’t read
poetry, ” said Vinnie Darling sadly.
“And I want ‘em to
cause poesy
inspires the heart
and directs
the soul to happiness.”
He coughed,
then began to recite
from his favorite poet,
William Alexander Percy.
“I heard a bird at break of day
Sing from the autumn trees
A song so mystical and calm
So full of certainties.”
“Maybe you shoulda selected
a more popular poet.” I said,
“WHAT! ”
shrieked Vinnie.
That shrill wail
the upper left quadrant
producing a sharp pain
which immediately
reminded me of
my dental appointment at 3: 30.
“William Alexander Percy
will one day take
his place in the
Pantheon of Immortal Poets, ” declared Vinnie.
“Indeed, ” I said to quiet him,
then moaned, “Dentist Edith
tortures me. Why?
She sticks in the needle,
then fourteen seconds later asks,
‘Feeling numb? ’
Of course I’m not numb.
How could I be?
Zip goes the drill
while I still got full feeling.
Many a time
the agony stopped
my heart
from beating a good two,
three seconds.”
“Your pain is
her pleasure. Well, soon
you’ll be finished cause
a human being
only possesses so many teeth.”
“I been going
for six years.
No end in sight. I stayed away
from the dentist’s chair
for 13 years. Maybe that’s why
I’m in bad shape.”
sometimes the stories
you recount, well,
they issue from a man
who could be described
as nothing less than insane.”
Vinnie started at me.
Perhaps he felt
his words were too harsh.
“Yet even the great ones
do harm to themselves.
The King himself sang
‘Don’t be cruel’
but he was cruel to himself.
No man alive can
82 Eskimo Pies
and survive! ”
Vinnie paused
eyes becoming moist.
They always did when
he spoke
of his idol,
Elvis Presley.
“The man threw it all away.
He had the world on a string.
waited in line to see him perform.
The Queen of England
blushed like a schoolgirl
when she met him.
You’re not alone, Bernstein.
Yes, well,
as a species
we’re flawed. I know
the Good Book
says the Almighty
created man
in His image,
the facts
speak for themselves.”

Comments about In Memory Of Elvis Presely

William Alexander Percy soothed me from the harsh realities of the rest of the poem! I don't know whether you meant it that way, but God, I feel nostalgia in those lines of his!
This poem was way too funny!
*Wonders* What the hell was that supposed to be...? ? ? ? ? ?

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