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...In Memory Of My Earlier Years

They were the awkward years
Accented by my left over limp
A gift from the accident
Like a toddler
i had to learn to walk (all over again)

They were the pre-teen goofy years
Of braces on my teeth and 'Dance Class'
Where i proceeded to make a mockery
Out of the balance beam
Tapped incessantly in shiny patent leather shoes
And always on my toes-literally

They were the leaving behind years of Ms. Busy (Favorite Teacher)
Of Brighton Elementary and innocence

They were the becoming a woman years
Thirteen complete with an ever changing new body emerging
Finally putting my dolls away forever

They were the first of many mistake filled years
Years - i would give anything to have back and redo
They were the multiple regret years
The years of eventually loosing you

***July 29 Much, much earlier in time
i was hit by a car (i weighed about 50 lbs, maybe)
In front of my home
It threw me 45 feet-air bound- only to land on my head
I was NEVER the same again.

By, Theodora Onken
October 1,2015

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