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In Memory Of My Mother. By Tsewang Dorjee
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In Memory Of My Mother. By Tsewang Dorjee

This poem is dedicated
To my beloved mother
Lakpha chokey.

I remember still, I remember-
The last day of my beloved mother,
The sun ends rotating around-
This earth’s solitude,
The east sky looked gloomy;
The west sun lonely descending;
Profound reminiscent vale of sparse clouds departing
My mother in her bed lay
I tarry near her bed,
She embraced my hand
With her tearful eyes
My tongue rhapsodizes
And eyes filled with tears.
I mutely told mother
She told me some other:
After a minute, my mother-
In silence forbid to talk;
And lastly my mother demised.
And from that day-
I lost the precious word mother’
From my tongue thus disappeared
And sleepless night I passed.
My heart cried and cried in vain
With deep an immense adoring pain.
I feel someone pinching me unhurt
And laments my innocent heart.
In my void blue eyes-
I remember, I remember forever;
The last day of my mother
And from my gazing eyes;
Without limit shed tears-
Whenever I remember
The last day of my mother!

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It is hard to lose one's mother. You wrote a beautiful tribute to your love for her and the pain you feel. When the pain isn't so raw, write again of the things you remember of her living. God bless! Raynette