All I Know Is I Hate It

If this is a game of hide and seek,
I’m over here.
If this is a fairground ride,
I want to get off.
If this is a horror movie,
I’m struck with fear.
If this is a play,
I want my money back.
If this is a TV program,
I’m turning over.
If this is a punishment,
I’d have preferred a smack.
If this is a nightmare,
I want it to stop.
If this is a game,
I don’t want to play.
If this is a bubble,
I want it to pop.
If this is a story,
I’m turning the page.
If this is a fight,
I’m turning away.
If this is a kidnap,
I’m trapped in the cage.
If this is a silly attempt to upset me,
Take a bow.
If this is a life,
End it now.

by Dan Brown

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O you are not lying in the wet clay. Dear poet, thank you for sharing this wonderful creation! !
why is it so BAD
Copyright..? .? .we will take legal action
I like it abit more spice tho
So full of repose, so rich with life - And I see us meeting at the end of a town A nice poem on memory that drives me to my past and lovely days with my parents. 10+ for this poem shared. Subhas
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