In Memory Of The Christchurch Earthquake Nz

United they stood on their Memorial Day,
Christchurch will rise up their Motto they say,
Our city shook beneath the Earths crust,
Bricks and Mortar have crumbled to dust,
Loved one's gone never to return,
Memories of horror like embers they burn,
Their city is weeping the ground is seeping,
Bodies lay beneath forever safekeeping,
Flashbacks haunt the one's left behind,
How could Mother Earth have been so unkind,
Historic Buildings crumbled to the power,
The City has lost the Cathedral Bell tower,
There prayers of mercy their congregation strong,
Church doors closed the organs sound is longed,
Our Garden City will bloom coming spring,
A Nation rejoicing a New City to begin,
People have rallied from places afar,
A gift of kindness how gracious we Kiwi's all are.

by Beverley Warren

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A lovely poem penned with sadness and kindness...10