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In Memory Of You...Papa

In Memory of you
(Sept 21 1938 - Aug 17 1996)

Did we just hear the thundering ring of your laughter
Laughter that rings yards away and so you
Did we hear you call out to us
To come running as we always did
Did we hear you whisper to someone
Just as you would talking to another with you
Were you that strong wind that blew through the house
To show your disapproval of a visitor
You are often in our dreams
Directing, leading us in difficult times
We just need to know you are still happy
And roaring out your laughter with your other friends

The rain came showering down from very bright skys
That early Saturday morning
Could this be your goodbye to us on the morn of your death
Under that very clear sky, rain pouring down my tear soaked face
I felt the big void you were leaving in our lives
Us and the little boy who dotted on his papa
Would he understand not having you there
How could we make it all better for him and us

Only last couple of weeks you were back home from hospital
You saw friends, and went back to your usual self
Suddenly you had to go back
And that was the last we saw of you

Where could we turn, but act we did
Bringing that coffin home was the worst part
But it helped when you were finally brought back in it.
We knew what you would have wanted
But we were not empowered to do it

We pray you have found perfect freedom
And found good people around you in your new life
Freedom to sour high above and be creative as you always were
We know you will still speak up your mind
And hope your new life was welcoming to you

Before we knew it, a year came by, now ten, and still counting
And your memory forever lingers on with us
For memory is all we have left
Of the accomplished man who put numerous values in us.
Papa, rest in perfect peace
You will never be forgotten by any of us whose lives you had a great impact on.
God be with you
(to my dad, in trying to make peace with him, although it seems too late now)

by Seli SusuAtiase

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What a lovely tribute to your Papa.Peace abiding. Wamest regards, Sandra