In Memory!

I can't believe your gone
That I shall never see your smile
Nor hear your comforting voice
I can't grasp that your life is done

I cant believe I won't see you in the evenings
Hear your laughter as you sing
I don't understand how you're not hear
It hurts so much grandpa, it stings.

It burns in my chest as sobs break through me
I don't want to believe your gone
That I haven't seen you in 5 years
I have missed you so much I only hope that you see.

I can't believe its been so long
Since I looked upon your sleeping face
I watched silently standing
Mournfully standing vigil in the hospital room
I wish I could have been strong.

I can't believe i've survived the pain
Of not seeing you each day
Not hugging you in 6 months
So much emotional strain
Rolling down my face as I write this
My silent painful tears.

I cant believe it's been 6months
It feels like an eternity
Were you happy?
Was your life fulfilled?
My scariest fears.

I miss you more than ever
An ache forever etched into my heart
A promise to myself, a promise to you
A brand new slate a whole new start.

This is dedicated to my grandpa.
Grandpa my angel I miss you, I love always.

by Becky Ginn

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