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In Mid February By The Boggeraghs
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In Mid February By The Boggeraghs

Poem By Francis Duggan

Behind the gray clouds the sun hidden away
By the Boggeragh mountains a cold, wet and windy day
From the pregnant rain clouds wind driven rain drizzling down
And waterways flowing bank high in flood waters of brown

Mid February two weeks from the calendar Spring
Deciduous trees looking bare and the birds do not sing
The old fields though bare are looking quite green
And by the hedgerows the Winter's first daisies to be seen

Ten weeks at least until the prime of the May
When the swallows are home from lands far away
And the the hawthorns are cloaked in their blossoms of white
Of such beauty the writers feel inspired to write

The wind in the bare trees one often does hear
In mid February by the Boggeraghs a cold time of year
The sun seldom shines and the sky of rain clouds seldom clear
But every gray dawning to the Spring brings us near

The weather cold and wet close to zero degrees
And the freshening wind soughing in bare deciduous trees
But Spring will arrive with her sunshine and mild showers
And the old fields lush and green will be wearing their flowers.

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