A Dialogue [between Two Lovers] (Unfinished)

where for have forsaken love
With every instance undone
Do you know what i speak of
My emotional winter alone
For you have left me to this
The stars a'twilight above
With hopes now forgotten
And dreams now fading away
With your emotions begotten
For you are not my lover
And you turn away in haste
For which I pine for only
Your light, your innocence
Binded by all that is holy
Enshrine pictures of a life
Yet to be sprung like a rose
The dream is not yet gone
And to this I give my prose.

You don't know what is means
To be seen the way I'm seen
No words of admiration will
Turn my emotions for love
Unto you, your not the one
If it was meant from above
Then what is now is not gone
If it is not the right time
You cannot change your rhyme
And I do not want to wait
For you to change yourself.

I know my actions mean more
Than simple words could say
Believe me I would die for
A chance for only your love
If love were the emotions
You held affections for me
So before any more notions
Which I can eagerly say
I love you and no one else.

If words are your only craft
Than if you hone your craft
May I deem necessary to give
You a chance for me to live
With you in perfect harmony
Entwining lyric and of song
Writing is where you belong
So write me something nice
Listen, you don't live twice
So if you hone your skills
Than maybe I could love you.

I promise you endless joys
Of gold and rainbows end
To which my written word
I must now write and pen
The words of which I state
The promise good intentions
And all of things great
With nothing but my emotion
To show you that I care
My quest for a symphony
And my end soon be there
For at rainbows end is you
The quest to find the girl
With green eyes and hair
Like golden honey so sweet
Now my crafts must be met
The story of old retold
For yet now to be sold
A timeless classic tale
For all to know and all
Who seen this old tale.

by Joel Roderick Bisson

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