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In My Best Friend's Memory

Imagine, you alone know I exist
And I'm not sure you care enough
To pause and to imagine even this

My life-line, bonded in fragility
Together with the palpitating heart
Of worlds in which the living still persist

My dedicated number, postal box
E-mail address and names that keep
My last connections to the hosts remote

With no back-up, residual site
Except hard copy paper notes
You stuffed into the pocket of a winter coat

Imagine, I am known only by you
In this world, real and virtual alike
And I am weighed within your hands if not

Condemned already to your attic drawer
The tissues of a heart you left behind
A tiny scene in stories you forgot

However you erase or try to crush
The memories I scattered in this world
I will persist in calling you to find

These stubborn thoughts of me that will not die
That make my claim and furnish proof that I
Exist, or once existed in your mind.

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