LS (08/17/1950 / Cabarrus Memorial Hospital, Concord, N.C.)

In My Big Crayon Box

In my big crayon box
I found a beautiful rainbow,
I found different races of people
That I would just love to know.

I looked at the yellow crayon
Then I stared at the brown and black,
I said to myself we're all the same
So why put each other down?

You see, I need you and you need me
And that's the bottom line,
We need each other to survive
And with this I'm just fine.

We're all in the same crayon box
So let's bear all this in mind,
If, we all work together
No one will be left behind.

Respect my faith and my beliefs
And I'll do the same for you,
I'm determined to make it in this crayon box
I feel as though you are too.

We're not in this crayon box by chance
But, we can make it together you'll see,
Just one big happy family
That's what we're going to be.

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