In My Dream.........

Today once again you came in my dream,
Every time and every night a completely different theme,
You looked at me, I looked at you,
You smiled at me, but I didn't smile at you,
I saw you leaving with your head hanging low,
I didn't wish for you to go,
Then I thought to myself anyways its my dream,
I can change it the way I wish,
So I reversed the scene back to the smile,
This time you smiled and I also smiled,
You made a move to talk with me,
I flinched when i saw you coming towards me,
You mistook my wincing unexpectedly and again I saw u going away from me,
I thought to myself 'What kind of guy is he? '
I cant keep changing my dream thousand times for thee,
So i decided I wont flinch this time,
You came near me and said these lines 'I came here to meet you because I love u alot
and I'm saying this from the depth of my heart.'
Oh I said, 'Even I love u a lot and I'm also saying this from the depth of my heart',
Suddenly the dream changed from this particular scene,
I saw you with a different girl and you both were jabbering,
Seeing this on the spur of the moment I started crying,
So all this time you were lying,
Seeing my smite, you hugged me tight,
I pushed you back and shouted, 'Just go out of my sight',
I saw you running away with all your might,
I woke up and remembered our last nights fight.

by aarti sonawane

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