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In My Dream

In many dreams that you can dream,
But I want to dream of you. I see you and me.
What I see is this really what it seems?

I want to dream of your soft tender kiss upon my lips
and the feeling of heavenly bliss.

Your feeling of sensation
when I am with you.

I when I see your face, I want you and me
to caress each other in a familiar place.

The excitement grows, and I wonder
if this is part of my dream?

I feel this is a place where no one else can go.

I want you to hold me tight
and I hold on you with all my might.

Not wanting the morning to appear
If this does?
That’s when everything will disappear.

That’s when I will awake.

Is this all a mistake?

I want to still see you, and have the passion in your eyes
I don’t want you to feed me any lies

For this is dream I want it to make come true
When I am with you.

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