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In My Dreams
JM Jessica Mitchell (9/24/1982 / Wyoming)

In My Dreams

In my dreams
I see a vision of me
The person that I am
And the person I could be

In my dreams
There are no regrets
No pain, no loneliness
No fears or unholy debts

In my dreams
I work out my past
Envision my future
And hope it will last

In my dreams
I see all I have lost
My innocense, my truth
At an ungodly cost

In my dreams
I see his eyes
His devious smile
That whisper all his lies

In my dreams
He trys to whipser in my ear
Telling me his fantasies
Thinking it's what I want to hear

In my dreams
I put up a fight
Screaming to him no
Running till out of sight

In my dreams
I find a way
To release the demons
And start a new day

In my dreams
I pray to never wake
To never leave my haven
My peace to never take

In my dreams
I know exactly what to say
No question of my sanity
Just me, leading the way

In my dreams
I see a vision of me
Who I am now
And who I wish I could be

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