In My Dreams

there is a special place i go
if only in my dreams
it's filled with many flowers
an ocean, waterfall and streams
there are no signs directing me
but i know which way to go

the stone-white wall hides it all
from beauty and truth's foes
i always stop to take a swim
this i seem to do with perfect ease
upon awakening i feel so free-
filled with peace and serenity

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

Comments (1)

if you left the but out (end of first stanza) added 'it' after stone white wall, and, instead of 'this I seem...' use 'and this I do with perfect ease', then...awakening I feel free' 'and filled with sweet serenity' (or so filled with..) the poem would flow much better. This one stumbles and probably just stumbled into territory I should have stayed out of. Perhaps you don't mind. I liked the poem so much that I wanted to see it free flowing. Sorry, H