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In My Eyes
LM (14 June 1989 Please Comment :) / Ballarat, Australia :))

In My Eyes

Poem By Lyrael Myrna

In my eyes there’s an unrevealed sadness
In my eyes there’s a hint leading to madness
In my eyes there’s a reflection of you
Don’t look twice- there’s nothing we can do

In my arms is someone pure and calm
But everyday I fear you’ll do me harm
In my arms lies a tender, placid man
I try not to cry- the best I can

In my mind there’s an image of what’s false and what’s real
I wish someone would find my reality to steal
Because I don’t like what I see- what we could be
It’s not you and it’s definitely not me

Everyday I want to hold you close
Everyday I need just a little dose
Forever will I wait to sin
Don’t let me leave you wearing thin

Remember what we used to be
Holding hands and living freely
In my eyes you saw us and knew
We were only falling apart

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