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In My Heart

In my heart I beg for his return.
To hold me to love me.
To tell me that everything will be okay.
That it was just a test of time and the test is over now.

In my heart I beg for him to go.
To let me be and stop playing games with me.
To be a man and make a decision and stick to it.
To give me my heart back so that I can love again the right way.

In my heart I beg for him to talk it out with me.
To tell me he was wrong.
To see and know that it was not mind games he wanted to play.

In my heart I beg for rest.
Rest from the tears.
Rest from the mental pain.
Rest from emotional abuse.

In my heart I beg for life to end.
I would finally be free.
No more urges to call.
No more urges to write.
No more pain from missing the important days in our lives.
He would never have to see me anymore the anxiety if he had any would be gone.
In my heart I beg...

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A very heart felt write, your emotions flow with anxious screams for relief to your hearts suffering. Very well composed poem, Stay strong best wishes Jon.