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In My Heart
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In My Heart

thump thump thump. the beat of your heart.

when I can't hear it I am sad. when I can; t

feel it you are to far away. I want you close.

I want our hearts to love. in my heart there

is room for one. I want you in my heart. I

want to be in your heart. I open my heart for

you and you walk in. I am so happy. I am in

love. I love you. I need you. I want you. I

have you. you say you need me to be there for

you but you are wrong. I am the one that needs

you. you say you are not pretty as the other

girls so I tell you. you are the most

beautiful thing I have ever seen and you are

the only person I will ever let into my heart.

here we are. all grown up. we are married now.

we are still in eachothers heart. we have

stayed there for ever and we will never leave.

sure, we have had our arguments but we have

always made up. we kept our hearts safe and

wide open with eachother. now we have to make

our hearts bigger though. we have a child. now

we must share our love with our baby daughter.

we have plenty of room in our heart to fit in

a baby girl. she grows up to and we love her

very much. she meets her true love. we are

happy for her but want to make sure she is

safe so we still keep her in our hearts like

our parents did for us. she is safe with this

boy so we let her go out of our hearts and

give her to him. though she is not in our

hearts any more we still love her. she is

still our baby girl. we love her as much as we

love each other. just remember life is a

constant circle of love. the only way you can

make yourself unloved is if you don't let any

one into your heart and don't trust any one to

go into their heart. share the love every one

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