In My Heart

In my heart there is no greater
Mother than mine. One could
search the world over none better
to find. She was always so gentle so
loving to me. In my heart
she was perfect as could be.
Her love for the family was
unconditional and strong. I looked for many years to
find someone like her. I found
one in my wife. In my
heart she is part of me. She never hurt anyone, or
Knowingly did them wrong.
My Mother was full of patience,
dedication filled with love. In my heart I see Angels rejoice.
Now that she's with them on their side. God bless and keep her safe
til I join her there
Your Son To look after our children
grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She has great joy in doing
for them. Bless her for
she is my Love.
Ole Dad

by John Drew Owens

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Very nice dedication to the one special person you love with all your soul.A ten from me and may you find solace. If you get a chance please read, rate and comment on my RAINBOW IN MOTION HAIKu.Thank you.