In My Heart...

I miss you so much
And Im sorry I ever hurt you
We fell apart, we lost touch
I wish I would have knew

I would take it all back if I could
We really need to start talking again
I walked up to you, there I stood
If we cant be together I still want to be your friend

We talked a little and then I looked in your eyes
I realized what I lost, I lost you… everything I had
I really wish I could take back all the lies
Im not happy with myself since you left, Im always mad

I really wish I could just kiss your lips, just one more time
I wish we could laugh again… like we used to
I wish you could be here… I wish you could be mine
Im so confused… I just don’t know what to do

When we was talking I felt so complete then
I didn’t want to walk away, but I had to go
We probably wont talk for a while again
I love you… and that you really need to know

All the time we spent together
All the time we spent apart
Im not going to hurt you again… never
I just want to tell you… your still in my heart

by That Person

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