In My Love, I Was, Lost

In it so lost I was aghast
Terrorised—so lost
Such a loss it cried alas
What did I do?
Do to meteor a collision
Cause a head-on impact.
When we collided with each other
You marked it the beginning of a love
That now orbits me like the moon
Or should I say, the sun
Warming my thermal inertia
In his, love, I was, lost
Within the sprinklings of his stardust
He again materialized-me
He once again established
That twinkle long lost in my eyes.
In his twinkle lived my eye
In the night of the eye
Where thunderstorms rode
On clouds
Where stars shone as one
Shining all night
I fall
Light of me, O life
Don't let me fall.
I'm the shining star of life
He, he is the gravity
That binds all matter
Biding, me, his eternal-star.

By Nutan Sarawagi & Mark Andrew Heathcote

by Mark Heathcote

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shining all light, I fall