BB (04-29-1974 / Clarksburg, WV)

In My Mind

In my mind I envision you
Being sent here just for me
With a heart of gold tender and true
An angel in disguise
Invisible to everyone but me.

In my mind I can see your heart
And I can feel its every beat
I see the flame ignited from the sparks
A volcano ready to erupt
Just from our body heat.

In my mind you see what I see
You can see all my pain
You feel what runs through me
Emotions I try to hide
Pour out like rivers of rain.

In my mind all is what it seems
I have honesty and fidelity
It's not just a dream
There would be no nightmares
And the two of us would be a team.

Your smile would be my smile
And your laugh we would share as well
In my mind it's been a while
Since we've shared happiness
In the home where we dwell.

In my mind life is beautiful
I have you and you have me
Our love would be plentiful
There would be no room for others
And we'd live happily ever after for all eternity.

But ever after is make believe
And I'm crazy for living in my mind
Loving you gave me a reason to breathe
And I may have found hope instead of fate
But I'll always believe we were meant to be.


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I really liked your poem...In life I've found that reality doesn't stand a chance when competing with the perfection that can be created by our imaginations.. but if we look at the root of such make believe we see the only thing we really dream of is a litle bit of love and happiness.
To live inside ones mind would be easier then the real world, as your imagination can run riot, interesting and well written.