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In My Mind...

I picture you sleeping soundly next to me
deeply, comfortably and without a care
I smile while I enjoy your beauty
and I breath in the frangrance from your hair

I carefully reach my hand over
to brush the hair from your face
your eyes flicker open
and you tighten your embrace

You move your head onto my shoulder
my hand drops to the smooth skin of your back
and you smile as we both drift into sleep
and the night turns from dark to black

I awaken before you, refreshed and alive
you arise laughing, kiss me on the cheek
and beat me to the bathroom
you're always such a sneak

When you return, we kiss for the longest time
our eyes are closed and all I can think
is that I've never been this happy
that's when you smirk and give that sly little wink

I still have these images of you in my mind
thoughts of you and me so happy and free
I think back, smile, and feel a glimmer of hope
that maybe someday you will come back to me

I sigh and stare at the patterns in the ceiling
I feel a deep emptiness, I think it was a theft
of my heart and my soul mate who has gone far away
it was only a month ago that you left

I force myself to replay the sweet visions
but my mind is busy and begins to wander
I don't understand why this happened
was I bad or is it bad karma, I continue to ponder

There's no way to reach you or see you again
I want to scream that I love you
I want to refill this nothingness inside
but there is nothing to say and nothing to do

I drift into a trance with a tear in my eye
the images are so clear when I'm fast alseep
I wish I could just be here forever
with my visions, the visions of you that I keep

When I heard the news of the plane crash
I stared at the T.V. in utter disbelief
It was your flight number on the screen
there is the tail, then I was hit with grief

It was just a weekend trip out of town
I drove to the airport, but we got there late
A quick kiss on the cheek and out you flew
you didn't turn around as you ran to the gate

I blew you a kiss and wished you good luck
and whispered I love you, but you didn't turn around
I left the airport, feeling the emptiness next to me
I guess I was driving home, when your plane hit the ground

Now I wish I had called you and told you those words
my emptiness is now pain, an ache that is new
how can I live on and be happy again
my life won't begin again without you

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