(Dec 29 / Toronto)

In My Mind

In my mind

Luckily I lost her
She barred me of two things
Children and kitchen
The first she brainwashed
But latter has opened.

Kitchen is my teacher
Every tool and each move
Even the insects that
Come and go with the time

Today eggs
I readied, boiled last night
Sandwich, using bond
Tomato for taste and vitamin.

To peel off
I hit shell against wall
One crack, then second
Then-after between palms
Rolled as if was cigar
Shell loosened
Easily lifted parts
Then cut them into halves

No, that was not end of it
Came to mind specialists
The chefs, cooks, in kitchen
And their works and their moves.

Though no one was to see
I observed a movie

In my mind.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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