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In My Own Words
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In My Own Words

Poem By Lori Boulard

There was a time when words did not matter
save for verbs – run, jump, stop, go…
or adjectives – hot, cool, SO mortifying.
Words snuck up like accidents,
blushing, hinting, sometimes stabbing.
I never gave them much consideration,
unless they hurt.

There are times now when words do not suffice.
The baby snuggled with his father–
past, present and future asleep on the couch.
Catching my daughter transfixed by a bubble, still
yet spinning on the tip of her nose, laughing
wholeheartedly for no reason whatsoever.
In these moments words fail me,
and I am satisfied. But in these moments
when words are unnecessary, I wonder,

Will there come a time when words are all I have?
A day when the body fails, and the brain
disobeys, when messages and meanings unravel
outside the cozy confines of the mind,
when memories become boundaries, cycling
around and again meaningless to others,
yet defining my ever-shrinking universe?

Will there come a day when I devote
an entire afternoon to etching “happy birthday”
on my granddaughter’s card, praying
that she sees “I love you” in between?
I wonder if words will fail me,
or if they will be
my dearest friends?

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Comments (5)

Awesome poem Lori. Write about this subject also, sometimes especially as I grow older. Husband has early onset dementia and I often write poetry wondering if he'll remember me in the future. It's a sad and disheartening subject, but it's a part of life nonetheless. Love your poetry, thank you for sharing. Will read more of your poetry as time permits if that's okay with you. RoseAnn
I remember reading this Lori, and gave you a comment. Yes I loved this one, a beautiful write. I always find reading or writing about this subject can be very saddening and can be quite eerie. thanks for reading mine. I appreciate your finding the time. Bless you. Nice to have our name on the poem list again. Love Ernestine XXX
A scary poem for all those, like us, who fear losing the power of words. Very poignant and very close to home.
oh my.. Lori this is such a touching poem.. I hope that neither of us reach the point were words will mean the world to us.. stunning work! HBH
Oh Lori what a sad thought, I hope this never happens to you or me! You've told it so well in this one, and it really makes one think, even if we don't want to. Very worth reading. Love Ernestine XXX