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In Nature's Garden Far Away
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In Nature's Garden Far Away

The old fields by Clara hill this morning looking gray
It has been freezing overnight and rain forecast for today
Perched on bare branch hungry and cold and food hard to be found
The blackbird cannot dig for worms on earth that is frost bound.

Just a few days from Christmas Day and the old year's end is near
But for the creatures that live wild and free the hardest time of year
The frailer and the older birds the Spring won't live to see
And every Winter day for them must seem an eternity.

In Nature's garden far away when cold winds of December blow
The fields at morning looking gray and the hills are capped with snow,
The migrant redwings in bare fields their chirpings one can hear
But in Winter in their northern homes the weather even more severe.

In the depths of winter in Duhallow far north and far away
The sky is looking overcast and the frosted fields are gray
But at evening in the pubs in the old town they drink their stout and beer
And there is music, dance and song and lots of Christmas cheer.

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