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In Nature's 'twould Seem
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In Nature's 'twould Seem

In Nature's World 'twould seem each creature has it's own role to fulfil
Most bird species as their survival tool born with a different shape of bill
The bird of prey has a hooked beak as it's weapon for to kill
For to stalk and seize their prey that to them is a natural skill

Whilst big cats and small cats have sharp teeth and claws
As their weapons for to kill in Nature's World no outlaws
Yes in Nature no such a thing as a right or a wrong
Survival of the fittest the only law that to her belong.

In Nature alone life is born in decay
On the carcass of the unburied the blow fly her eggs do lay
Her maggots eat the flesh of the dead carcass the blow fly's survival way
There is life in death in Nature every day.

The vegetarians the fruit eaters the predators and the prey
In Nature's world all creatures have their own roles to play
But the weak and the frail cannot hope to survive
In a World where only the strongest and the fittest do thrive.

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