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In Nature's World
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In Nature's World

I saw a white backed magpie fly into a sapling tree nearby
And as quick as one can say quick he snatched a silver eye
He brought the life of his fellow tiny bird to a speedy end
In Nature few bigger creatures to those smaller are a friend.

He picked his little victim up and with it flew away
For to eat in some quieter place his main meal of the day
In Nature for one bird to kill and eat another bird can never be a crime
To kill to live a natural thing it happens all of the time.

The silver eye did not stand a chance against one of the magpie's size
It did happen so quickly right there before my eyes
Perhaps before the day is down he may well kill one more
I just was witness to something he had often done before.

One cannot say the magpie is cruel since that is it's natural way
And it too has to live in fear of a bigger bird of prey
And in Nature's World for one to live another has to die
Then what hope for a tiny bird such as a silver eye?

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