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In Nature There Is Beauty
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In Nature There Is Beauty

Long before the mildness of the Spring and yellow flowers are on the broom
On the cold and wet depths of mid Winter the the pale jonquils are in bloom
When the wattles are covered in their flowers as bright as polished gold
Even in mid Winter in the south lands Nature's beauty to behold
The rain is drizzling lightly from a gray and sunless sky
In weather rather typical for mid Winter in July
The rhododendrons and camellia trees are cloaked in bright pink flowers
They come to bloom in Winter in the wind driven showers
The flowers that bloom in Winter decaying when Spring is near
Nature she never looks ugly at any time of year
At least not in the south lands where i do live today
Though the weather is not warm and the sky is often gray
The warbling of the magpies melodious and clear
In Nature there is beauty at every time of year.

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