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In Nature There's Wonder
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In Nature There's Wonder

Have you ever looked up at the morning sky
And watched the brown skylark as upwards he fly
A musical speck in clouds he disappear
Though his voice does come to you melodious and clear.

Have you ever listened to the gray butcherbird sing
His bubbling notes to them have a beautiful ring
When the morning sunbeams are stealing through the trees
His music is floating along in the breeze.

Have you ever listened to the male blackbird with yellow bill
When disturbed or excited his voice becomes shrill
He scolds as he flies just above the hedgerow
Yet so much of his ways there's to learn of and know.

In Spring and in Summer where the rank grasses grow
In the quiet of the evening the male pheasant crow
About the females he has mated with he does not seem to care
And of that he may be a father he does not seem aware.

Have you ever watched father emu with his brood
Of the mottled young in a protective mood
No interest in hatching or caring for the young the females have shown
He has a big job for to do on his own.

In Nature there's wonder in all we do see
Even the ways of birds are complex as can be
And though her secrets from us she keeps hidden away
From her we do learn something new every day.

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