Good Luck. I Do Not Have To Say More.

You don't have to say more.
You have said enough.

I have said what i wanted to tell you.
Do not misinterpret my own concern for both of you.

I am rebuffed, and suspected of having to discourage
you of your chances for the winning and the prestige.

I swallow this all. I do not have to say more.
I pray that i could be wrong and that you are right.

When the right time comes, and you come to me and tell me
That they have all swindled you into that wrong choice

Then by that time, i shall tell you so,
That i have said my lines and that was all that i need to do.

I do not have to say more. Now then, when the falling out comes
Both of you shall be responsible. You shall tell them

The party is over and you have nothing more to give
Because everything you have has all been carted.


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We can start some trouble if they ignore us!
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out