Commander Of All Evils

Politicians are the commander of all evil spirits
Their belief: deities are vain trifles
They have vowed to devotion themselves
Damnation, shoes, or slap does not frighten them
Nor they have distinction in hell and heaven
They are the least worried for the terrors of hell

Gulf exists between politicians and people
Politicians’ element is of devils
People are purely idol of virtuosity
Pride of power has allured them into hell
They will never see the face of God
They will never taste the eternal joys of heaven

When you kill a tiger you say a sport
When the tiger attacks on you, it is ferocity
When you kill millions of men
Politicians propagate peace and prosperity
You design to kill the innocent
Often the innocent are called the mastermind
Your evil spirit of policies creates the path of terrorists
Often our judiciary pronounces their innocence

People should not feel tormented with the sufferings
Inflicted by the politicians
People will have everlasting happiness of peace
And enjoy in heaven
Heaven is of God and for His dear one
Let them rule in hell

The breaking news flashes on channels
Politicians have embraced everlasting
Damnation by entertaining dangerous thoughts
Against people, nature and God’s fury

by Shujaat Hussain

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We can start some trouble if they ignore us!
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out