The Million Dollar Question

There we were looking into each others eyes.
He held me and I held him
As the moon climbed higher in the sky
And the wind rustled the leaves in the trees
But I could only see him and he me.

The tension seeped into the room,
Mounting, establishing its presence
Three where there now once were two
In a room where I saw only him and he me.

Perhaps this could be,
For surely he held me tightly.
Then perhaps a future could be seen thought he.

Tomorrow is just as soon for us to know
Thought I, holding tightly still.
Tomorrow we'll know just how far we may go.

The climbing moon peaked the sky
Piercing the cloak of dark that covered the yard.
And when the wind blew away the clouds
There we were in embrace still
Me clinging to him and he to me.
Neither was prepared to answer
What was so cleverly termed
The million dollar question.
Yet answer we did
But in the tongue of love
In hope that the big question will be ignored.

Perhaps tomorrow we'll see;
Tomorrow perhaps, the answer will be revealed.

Then as the moon moved across the sky in its decent,
Our kiss came to an end.
Yet still I clung to him and he saw only me
And the million dollar question
Remained for now a mystery.

by Tiffny Rhodius

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