(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

In Nick Of Time (A Poem For A Knight)

Everything in life seems temporary
Because everything changes just naturally
Why would it take great courage to love
Knowing it might end anytime or beyond

When I met you I used to be an angel
It took a while and guts losing my struggle
For to be with you means to give up my wings
And sacrifice whole lot for the love it brings

Am not afraid to encounter risk
It is by taking chances I would learn to be free
For one to see the fire in my eyes
Emptiness and indifference are there to surmise

Everyone says to give up on you
But they just dont seem to see you, like I do
I wont fall for someone whom I can live with
But for someone whom I can't live without

Slowly Im falling deeper into you
Hoping one day I wont have to choose
Am trying to keep things where they should be
Unselfishly though, I love not one but two

I love you not so that I may keep you
But I love you so that I can watch you grow
Love needs not promise how long divine
For it's better to love, one day at a time

If I could just turn back the hands of time
I would have wanted to fall in love with you
It's not that I dont have the will to do it
But just that I dont have the right to will it

Age does not protect us from love
Because it's love that seems to protect us from age
Love teaches us to wait
Watching how it grows sublime



.....in the nick of time

***To Nicholas Boyd, US Air Force

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