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In November In Duhallow
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In November In Duhallow

The wind from the mountains with a chill does blow
Where Araglen bank high to Blackwater flow
Ground frost overnight has left the fields looking gray
In November in Duhallow from here far away

The weather temperature one above zero cold enough to snow
And the cattle in farm shed for fodder bellow
The migrant redwing thrushes chirp on the bare hedgerow
At a time of year when grass refuse to grow

Brown flood waters gurgling in the roadside drain
And the gray clouds are heavily pregnant with rain
The songs of the birds one not likely to hear
In November in Duhallow a cold and wet time of year

Brown flood waters bank high in the babbling rill
Flowing down to the river from the lake by the hill
The dead leaves of Autumn on the ground by their mother trees
In weather wet, windy and cold close to zero degrees.

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