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In Old Annagloor
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In Old Annagloor

The robin he sang on the bushy hedgerow
In old Annagloor where the Cails waters flow
Through old fields that were old in Goddess Anu's time
That have inspired writers to story, song and rhyme,
In old Annagloor when I was a young boy
A walk by the river I used to enjoy
In Spring when the dark moorhen chicks from their nest ventured out
And cheeped in the river pool as they swam about
From the water reeds by the bank their mother to them did cry
To warn them of danger that she sensed nearby,
The hawthorns cloaked in their white blossoms of May
And on trees and bushes all through the day
The wildborn nesting birds whistle and sing
In old Annagloor in the prime of the Spring.

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