In Olden Days

In olden days

Tuesday, January 16,2018
1: 54 PM

The poets were given patronage in royal court room
The kings used to take them on battle field to encourage them
They used to sing poems motherland
And put spirit to fight till an end

"The Kaviraj" was given as honorary name
And they were given the permanent seat with royal fame
"they had divine blessings in tone" their role was claimed to be holy
Many names are known and taken with pride in country

Let me tell it with regret
And make it know or let
Today's poets are fame hungry
They go all over to request for reading their poetry

With few hundreds in possession
They go in for publication
Real poets may never request
But continue with their mission and quest

If you have to earn livelihood
And search for life and food
The poetry can't fill their beley
This is such type of pity

In today's date, you have many compulsions
In life, you need no confusion
But Very strong resolve and compassion
Poetry is real obsession

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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welcome ishan agnihotri 1 Manage Like · Reply · 1m
I agree, Sir. We writers are just running behind fame. Getting published is our one and only goal in life. But we forget why we started in the first place. Not for fame or money, but because one fine day we had discovered that it is our passion. Chirasree Bose, Hyderabad, Jan 16,2018
Art for art' sake. Your poem echoes it throughout. Poetry is an obsession! Agree with some of the points you have raised Hasmukhji in this finely penned poem. Gomathi Mohan, Dehradun, Jan 16,2018
My lights and Twilights are Poets and poetasters Of eminence and of prominence, While some are cynosure Others are an eye sore..... R. R.G. Enjoyed your poem, Hasmukh. I wrote a long poem (in 1975) with the title Lights and Twilights, caricaturing some of the eminent and prominent poets and poetasters of those days. R R Gandikota, Hyderabad, camp., Jan 16,2018
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