In Our Goal For Self

At most things many of us humans with each other compete
To be best in the neighborhood and best in the street
To be what we are good at the best in the town
In our goal for self of a greater renown

To be known and famous beyond our own countryside
To be best in the Nation and even best Worldwide
But at any one thing and at any one time only one can be best
And many found to be wanting when put to the test

Those who participate for self enjoyment i have to admire
For success as many define it and greatness they show no desire
It is not of greatness they daydream as they walk, jog or run
In the town park at late evening at the going down of the sun.

The competition for success at business or sports or be what it may
In every village, town and city does go on every day
Though many people in different ways success does define
And your idea of it may be different to mine.

by Francis Duggan

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