In Parties

Poem By R.A. Cordiner

Through misty,
Smoke filled darkness,
Dreamed desires do evoke
Your image leaning,
Nonchalantly gleaming
'gainst a pillar
All alone.
And gazing forth
In my direction,
With admiration
Of perfection
In gyration,
There's no need for explaination.
Then slinking slowly,
Smiling slyly,
Asking shyly
Almost dryly
If I'm in need of someone
To share a taxi 'twards my home.
Then hands intwined,
With lust combined,
Leaving behind the steady grind
That's ever spacing.
With Hearts now racing,
Fingers pacing,
Tearing part
No time for wasting
Whilst buttons fly
And skirts yanked high
And cold concrete
Against my thigh
The minutes
shifting by.
The stars shine bright.
Pain felt so right
Calling softly to the night
And at that moment
Shear elation,
What emotion.
Purely passion's
Natural notion.
With back held up against a wall
And legs spread amply
Standing tall
Nowhere I'd rather be at all.
And though one day
Perhaps I'll fall
The fondest nights
I shall recall
Were spent like this.
Here in this mist.
And when we kissed.
I can't resist.
And would not change
The sighs we made
For nothing else would be the same;
Would ever matter.
The world around in such a clatter
As people scatter
And voices chatter
Before and After
Wondering what we would succeed,
But during thrusting
Our own Creed
My heart would bleed,
And I know indeed
There's no one else
I'll ever need.

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Beautifully done. I love seeing women write about sex. Excellent piece, you GO girl! 10+

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