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In Praise Of Parents!
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In Praise Of Parents!

What are we going to do without our parents?
Remember how your parents always make sure
that you eat well before going to school
Even before that, you remember how your mother
carried you around inside her for nine months
Rain or shine, she always ensure you are well protected
Remember your early years when you cannot speak
a single word, your parents always anticipate your
needs, wishes, desires, wants and requirements
How can you forget all the good care your parents
gave you when you were a little child?
Remember the day you returned from school depressed
how your mother took you in her arms and started
singing to you until you to cheer up and laugh
Now, that you have some money in your pocket,
how can you forget your parents?
Or you forget that your parents did not have
a very robust bank account just because of you
Your parents feed you well, buy you trendy clothes,
paid your school fees in time, buy your school books!
Your parents taught you to respect your elders
and be an honest and a law-abiding citizen
Now that you are mister big shot or wealthy madam
How can you forget your parents?
Presently, you probably have your own children
You know the time and money involved in raising kids
Will you like to treat your children the way your
parents treated you or better than them?
Search your soul and answer the question
Good luck and happy destiny

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no praise cando any good. this is beautiful poem. so i also wrote' O, mother, papa do u know? and papa u too' u may like it more....10
You sent a tremendous message that many of us think but have not penned it. Very well written. : -))