(04 October 1943 / Germany)

In Praise Of Woman

I am, let it be known, a man who sleeps at night,
never had cause to take a pill or count those sheep.
Yet just one moon ago I woke and switched the light,
it would be hours for my morning clock to beep.

It had to be, I needed to discern
which creature I could nominate to be the best of all.
I figured living things would stand in line to earn
their place in life and where the winners would stand tall.

I searched the deserts, Kalahari end to end.
I searched the oceans, to the bottom of the sea.
I flew the skies in a small plane (it was the trend) ,
I sat and contemplated all in a tall tree.

There was the rhino and the elephant, the ass,
the pompous hippo and the lion as the king.
So many beautiful creations, some were crass,
I met a bird and fixed its badly broken wing.

I travelled far and wide and searched for the big star.
Met critters silly and extremely, looking strange,
and started thinking who they'd be and who we are,
I fell asleep there near my tent, out on the range.

I had a dream that told me more than I had known,
there was no creature in the universe that would
on close inspection (and I did perform my own)
be even near the goal that might and hoped it could.

I woke bewildered, sat up straight and did feel faint
She came with coffee and a tray for us to share.
A look at her told me that nothing is or ain't
more than a woman it is futile to compare.

Ten hours later, after much deliberation,
I am the wiser, once again and I do know.
You cannot beat the depth of human titillation,
I am reduced to utter nothing more than 'Oh'.

So I have searched the world and found the number one.
It's not an animal, it's really a surprise.
Please take it now and rest assured that I, The Hun
was never mesmerised by two hypnotic eyes.

Of all the critters that live on this holy earth.
None would be anywhere near what I call the 'it',
From neutral molecules in line to go through birth
it's woman only who has soul and real grit.

I do adore the female form and its plaisir,
there is no structure in this world that could exceed
luck may be mine to always hold a woman dear,
I'd be a nothing without woman, yes indeed..

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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