In Prison

As i sit here in this prison cell
I wonder what was and who's doing so well.

As her life progresses, mine stands still,
in this little prison on Mulberry Hill.

For I remeber, not more than thirty years prior,
that my sister graduated college because of her desire,
to succeed in the world outside my walls, as i sat in here with nothing at all.

Then i remember, around twenty years back,
that my sister was married to a man named Jack.
I knew they'd be happy, for one reason only,
that as hard as life became, they wouldn't be lonely.

Then i recall, ten years to the date, that my sister bore a son
I was an uncle, but as sad as could be, for i never saw him once.

As her life progresses, my lifestands still,
in this little prison, on Mulberry Hill.

by S.E. Hawks

Comments (1)

Very sad that you were not able to see your nephew. Maybe one day your sister can come to see you. I have on idea what you are prison for but I hope you have found some peace and have remorse for your crime. If you have then maybe you can find some peace. God Bless