In Quest Of True Love

Poem By Dana Girl

I see a tunnel,
A tunnel dark, empty and long,
I want to walk across it but,
I am afraid that I may never the see the light of the day again
I am scared

I am searching for something, I have never seen
I have never known
I have only read about
I am scared

I am searching for a person, I have never met
Hoping that the feelings he will give me, that I have never felt
Carrying loads of dreams, dreams which will be realized by him
I am scared

But I am left with a question in my heart
Am I searching for something that exists
I doubt my predecessor have they found what they looked for
Or they just lied that they found
I am scared

I have taken my first step
With all these notions running
With a little faith
There is no looking back
There is no turning back
I can never come back from where i started
I have the doubt
I have the faith
Why they are co existing
I am scared

If pain can only be found
If hurt is the only feeling
If darkness is the only color
If the tunnel is never gonna end
If the love is never to be found
I am scared

Comments about In Quest Of True Love

A sublime start with a nice poem, Dana. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
Thank you Erie! Thanks Joe, Will try to improve!

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