National Anthem

It's the independence day, the red letter day of the nation,
The national flag is proudly flying
And the national anthem is in full swing,
All are easily drawn on it,
The solemn song has the soothing and enchanting effect on their mind;
When it is sung,
Blood runs in everybody's veins with great emotion and spirit,
The countrymen are fully thrilled,
They are entwined with a single thread,
Indeed, there is no difference among them.
What a great day it is for the nation!
Even the enemies forget their enmity,
They are good friends this time,
Standing on the same platform,
They are singing the patriotic song with real concentration and reverence,
Truly speaking, the national anthem is one of the best treasures of a country to bind all the people with its magic spell,
The great song can spontaneously create a sense of brotherhood and fraternity among all strata of people of a nation.


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