MA (March 27,1951 / India)

&in Remambrance

It’s my sister’s birthday today,
She left us three decades away.
We watched her lying on her hospital bed,
And slowly right before our eyes she was dead.

Her face looked serene and free of pain,
Though it was drawn and drained.
The memory of her last breath,
As she slipped into the arms of death,

After so many years still fresh in my mind.
She was so vivacious, gentle and kind.
I feel it was only yesterday
When in the morning, on our way

To the school in a cycle rickshaw,
We would play pranks unmindful of who saw..
Though we had lots of tiffs and fights
We normally made up by the night.

We shared and, talked about our first crush,
I still remember how she blushed.
As she told me about a guy
Who made her happy she felt like to cry.

She has been gone for so long
I still wonder what went wrong
Does time really heal?
Is it enough to live on memories?

Nobody can take her place
I still remember her beautiful face
The secrets we shared at midnight,
And our light banter and pillow fights

At times I feel wistful
Wouldn’t it have been beautiful?
Reminiscing about our childhood,
Our fights, midnight feasts and moods

I am still overcome with nostalgia and grief,
Am glad had her, though her sojourn was brief.
filial love and bond is one of a kind
that sort of camaraderie is rare to find.

she is stiil twenty something in my mind's eye
young, spirited, with a zest for life - my best ally.


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wonderful poem, very touching...
what is the residue of life? just remembrance....our sisters, both are never-ageing within our soul................
Dear Mamta, Thanks for asking for my comments on such a beautiful lyrical poem, a tribute to sisterhood.The poem is a perfect one with an universal appeal as all of us have some memories of our beloved berieved souls.These two lines I would like to quote: 'filial love and bond is one of a kind that sort of comraderie is rare to find'-----It is so true in our life. Another couplet attracts attention-- 'no body can take her place I still remember her beautiful face the secrets we shared at midnight and our light banter and pillow fight' --I appreciate and empathise with your feelings which is as bright in your memory as it used to be thirty years ago..A-10-from me -RAJKUMAR
Memories remain ever green, time though wounds heal, there are often moments in our life, when reflections in solitude strikes an old painful chord; -poetic lines help to resolve! -Raj Nandy
compact composition with intense love/pain..................10 I always read this poet's poem with much zeal.
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